What is Carbonic Heat?

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Carbonic Radiant Heat materials warm both thermally and via, healthy FAR-Infrared rays.

Carbonic Heat materials are recognized as the greatest advancement within the last 100 years in heating. These new innovative advances bring in a new dawn of heating experience in using less electricity, and greater comfort for users. Radiant electric heat and the sun work on the same principle of bathing you in comforting warmth. Like the rays of the sun, radiant heat warms objects, not the air around them. Those objects continuously absorb and reflect heat-distributing warmth evenly and efficiently.

Carbonic Heat’s products solve heating problems in residential and commercial environments by facilitating the most effective distribution of heat. For many years our radiant heaters have warmed homes, offices, businesses, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

Radiant heat is comfortable, economical, and convenient. Our heating units heat up quickly; achieving their full temperature within minutes and providing a constant temperature from floor to ceiling.

Radiant heat is healthful and safe. Architects and builders are well aware of the healthful qualities of radiant heat, and as a result, they have chosen our products more often than any other in new construction or remodeling space. When made aware of our technology, our products are the best choice over conventional methods, particularly with building housing for the elderly. Hospitals are also major buyers of radiant electric heat products.

Carbon-based heating technology has been in existence for more than twenty years, however, the original material was limited because it was prone to hot spots, and higher levels of Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) emissions. It was not until the Engineers at Carbonic Heat were able to re-engineer the materials to lower the EMF leakage, through a combination of new smart technology of carbon compounds that eliminate the potential hot spots, and changing the composite coverings to lower the EMF seepage. These proprietary advances are the greatest breakthroughs in Radiant HEAT.

Worldwide, Radiant heat is a $4.65-billion-dollar industry. Up until now, Radiant heat systems are the preferred environment heating, but the systems were costly, complex, and prone to failure. Carbonic Heat is superior in every way to conventional methods, easier to install, has greater energy savings, and better overall heat because of the dual thermal and FAR-Infrared qualities.

Saving in energy of up to 30% or more on your home heating bills, depending upon installation and application

  • Installs easily, without ductwork, floor build-up in a fraction of the time of conventional systems.
  • Better comfort at lower temperatures, when your feet are warm your entire body feels better.
  • The heat is clean, quiet, and odorless
  • HEALTHY: Allergy Free and FAR-Infrared are healthy and aid in the detoxification of the body.
  • Heats evenly and zoned efficiently for energy savings and whole house comfort.
  • No elements or coils-no fire hazard.

Carbonic Warm Floors ship electric LVP & LVT floor heating mats in a roll of film or as a kit. You or your contractor roll out the electric heated floors for your room’s size and cut it to fit. Once properly installed, you control the temperature of your heated floor mat with a floor heating thermostat and enjoy the radiant heat all throughout your day and night.