Carbonic Heat Technologies

The greatest advancement in heating within the last 100 years!

Enjoy the comfort of a warm floor with the soothing power of radiant heat. Comfortably warm your entire home while lowering your heating bill. 

Happy eight month old baby girl crawling on a hardwood floor in living room
Hands, feet and woman stretching on yoga mat for exercise, cardio and flexibility warm up in her home. Barefoot, hand and girl stretch for meditation, training for pilates workout in a living room.

A Luxury Everyone Can Afford

What are Carbonic Heat Technologies?

Carbonic Heat materials are recognized at the greatest advancement within the last 100 years in heating. These new innovative advances bring in a new dawn of heating experience in using less electricity, and greater comfort for user. Radiant electric heat and the sun work on the same principle of bathing you in comforting warmth. Like the rays of the sun, radiant heat warms objects, not the air around them. Those objects continuously absorb and reflect heat-distributing warmth evenly and efficiently.

Radiant heat is healthful and safe. Architects and builders are well aware of the healthful qualities of radiant heat, and as a result, they have chosen our products more often than any other in new construction or remodeling space. When made aware of our technology, our products are the best choice over conventional methods, particularly with building housing for the elderly. Hospitals are also major buyers of radiant electric heat products.

Under Counter Heat!

No more cold meals! Take those cold counters and make them warm, inviting, and cozy.