Freqently Asked Questions

What is Carbonic Heat?

Carbonic Heat is a carbon based film with full coverage heat production. It is smooth, thin (the thickness of two business cards) and easy to install.

How does CarbonicHeat work?
Power triggered from the thermostat passes to flat copper wire elements running on either side of the carbon based film with one side hot and one side neutral. When powered on by the thermostat the carbon material acts as a resistor heating the entire film uniformly with no hot spots or cold spots.
How hard is it to install versus existing radiant heat technology?
Carbonic Heat is extremely easy to install. Simply lay it down and nail, staple or glue it to the floor. CarbonicHeat can also be walked on during the installation period. Many steps and significant time is saved over hydronic and wire mat system installation.
How is the temperature controlled?

The temperature is controlled using a thermostat specifically designed for electrical radiant systems. Our thermostats have three function options: ambient, floor sensor and ambient/floor sensor. We recommend using the ambient/floor sensor mode. We offer both programmable and non-programmable thermostats. You should not run this product without a thermostat.

Can Carbonic Heat be installed on all types of flooring?
Yes. CarbonicHeat can be used under tile, stone, marble, engineered and laminate wood flooring and carpet.
Can Carbonic Heat be installed under carpet?
Yes. Carbonic Heat may be installed under carpet that is approved for radiant heat applications by the manufacturer. You should purchase pad and carpet intended for installation over radiant heated floors.
Can CarbonicHeat be installed under nail down wood flooring?
Yes. CarbonicHeat is the first radiant floor-heating product designed specifically for nailed down wood floors. There are specific nailing lines on the CarbonicHeat film to accommodate various wood floor-nailing requirements.
Can CarbonicHeat be installed with every type wood floor?

Some types of wood flooring are not recommended to be installed over radiant heated floors. Always check with your wood floor manufacturer before installing wood flooring over any type of radiant floor heat. CarbonicHeat has charts showing recommended woods for installing over radiant heated floors. However, since CarbonicHeat runs at a relatively low temperature of 80-85 F and heats evenly, there is no danger of over-curing or overheating the wood floor material.

Can CarbonicHeat be installed in wet areas such as shower beds and saunas?
Yes. CarbonicHeat can be installed in wet locations as the film has three layers of protection on each side and is waterproof. Our thermostats include GFCI protection circuits for safety in wet areas.
What is the maximum square footage for a 110 volt system?
100 square feet.
What is the maximum square footage for a 220 volt system?
200 square feet.
Can I heat an area larger than 200 square feet?
Yes, for areas larger than 200 square feet a multiple zone system can be set up. This allows multiple 200 square foot areas to be powered by individual slave units and controlled by one master thermostat. You can control up to 2,000 square feet with one thermostat or you can individually zone floor areas as you please.
Can CarbonicHeat be used as a primary source of heating for my home or office?
Yes, the film can be used as a primary heating source for your home or office. It also works great as an addition to an existing system for additional comfort and efficiency.
Can CarbonicHeat be installed in basements?
Yes. This product when installed is waterproof and may be installed in basements.
How is CarbonicHeat grounded?
There is no ground required for CarbonicHeat film.
Do you offer any kits?
Yes, BuildDirect currently offers kits available in the following square footages: 20 square feet, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90 and 100 kits. The film is 40” wide so the length of kit is 20-6 feet, 25-7.5’, 30-9’, 35-10.5’, 40-12’, 45-13.5’, 50-15’, 55-16.5’, 60-18’, 65-19.5’, 70-21’, 75-22.5’, 80-24’, 85-25.5’, 90-27’, 100-30’.
What maintenance is required for this product?
There is no maintenance required for this product after the initial installation.
How much energy does CarbonicHeat use?
CarbonicHeat draws a maximum of 15 watts per square foot. Once to temperature, the draw decreases to 10 watts per square foot. When the floor reaches the temperature set on the thermostat a sensor located under the finished floor cycles the thermostat to turn on and off to maintain the set temperature.
How hot will CarbonicHeat get?
CarbonicHeat thermostats will not exceed 100F. The thermostat will maintain a floor temperature of maximum 80F to 95F depending on the type of floor covering.
Does CarbonicHeat save energy?
Yes. With CarbonicHeat the homeowner can lower the settings from 6 to 7 degrees on their central heating system while remaining comfortable. CarbonicHeat warms objects in the room as well as the floor and when your feet are warmer the ambient temperature can be reduced. Using an CarbonicHeat supplied programmable thermostat allows the homeowner to heat only when additional heat is desired. Reducing the home’s reliance on the forced air system can help reduce a home’s overall energy usage.
Is CarbonicHeat energy efficient?
Yes. With CarbonicHeat carbon-based film up to 98% of the electricity is converted to heat and radiated through the finished floor. You can save up to 30% on utility bills depending upon your location and application.
What are the main advantages of CarbonicHeat over other types of electric radiant heat?
CarbonicHeat is the thinnest floor heating film on the market, which allows installation in areas where floor height constraints would normally not allow floor heating. When electrified the CarbonicHeat carbon material acts as a resistor heating the entire film surface resulting in uniform heat with no hot spots nor cold spots. Single wire heating systems if not carefully installed may create cold or hot spots and fail if a wire is damaged.
What are the advantages of CarbonicHeat compared to hydronic radiant heat?
CarbonicHeat systems are very convenient to install in both new construction and particularly in remodel construction. CarbonicHeat systems have no moving parts and installation labor is easy. Hydronic systems are typically installed in new construction and can be very difficult to install in remodel construction because of floor height considerations and the required support structure strong enough to accept the hydronic system. Hydronic systems can be mechanically complicated with valves, manifolds, boilers, holding tanks, etc. Labor costs are typically high. Hydronic systems require a separate mechanical room with boiler and pump to activate and control.
What about maintenance and service of CarbonicHeat?
CarbonicHeat systems have no moving parts. After proper installation there is little or no reason for system failure. CarbonicHeat offers the longest warranty in the industry of 35 years.
What about health benefits?
CarbonicHeat produces Far Infrared heat. Far Infrared is considered to be a healing heat that is commonly used in health spas, saunas and centers for treating a wide variety of ailments. CarbonicHeat and other radiant floor heating systems also positively affect the indoor air quality of your home. Since there is no ducting and blowing of air as with forced air systems, there are no allergens, dust and dust mites being introduced into the home environment. CarbonicHeat is also a dry heat that does not encourage mold growth.
What are CarbonicHeat’s electrical requirements?
CarbonicHeat systems can operate with either 110v or 220v, a distinct advantage over other radiant heat products. You may select which power source to use based upon ease of installation and installation size. The system requires a dedicated circuit.
Can I use my existing electrical system to power CarbonicHeat?
Yes. The power requirements are set out in the installation manual. CarbonicHeat requires a dedicated circuit which can be determined by your electrician.
Can CarbonicHeat be repaired if damaged?
CarbonicHeat film can be repaired. If you suspect that your floor heat needs to be repaired, please contact our Customer Care department at 855.558.5200.
Can I install the product myself?
Yes. However, it is recommended that a certified electrician do the final hookup to thermostat and electrical panel.
Do you have to wait for the thinset to dry before laying the tile?
No. This is major advantage of installing CarbonicHeat. Installing tile or stone can begin after the CarbonicHeat film is adhered onto the subfloor. Some tradesmen prefer to install tile or stone after the CarbonicHeat film has set overnight which is permitted.
Does CarbonicHeat radiate heat off the edge of the film?
No. You will typically only feel heat directly above the CarbonicHeat film where it is installed. Some tile or stone types may radiate heat horizontally but the amount is very minimal. Note: A major advantage of installing CarbonicHeat is the film may run under the cabinet toe kick space.
Can you remove the CarbonicHeat film and move the wires around?
If you discover you made a layout error while performing initial installation you can carefully cut off the electrical connections, adjust your layout and reconnect your electrical connections with new wiring harness(es) and new tape purchased from CarbonicHeat.
Can you substitute other components like the wiring harnesses and tape?
No. Significant testing by CarbonicHeat and Intertek/ETL, UL 1693 and others resulted in selection of specific materials including tape, wiring harnesses, connectors, appropriate thermostats, etc.
Does this product have a warranty?

Yes. Click HERE to review