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Every re-seller is interested in optimizing profits, without any major addition of resources.

Most industry professionals are always searching for products and solutions that meet the client’s needs, which also increase revenue and profitability in the course of their everyday business operations. Adding the “Heat Option” is an easy segue to adding profits. One in three bathroom remodels are open to adding radiant heat. Carbonic Heat provides a number of options for installers/contractors to profit by stocking the basics in ready-to-install, quick, and easy product solutions for the installation.

Our layout program is intuitive and easy to follow to optimize your project with safe, reliable heat that is trouble-free. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3, upload the plan, scale it, and simply pull the icons onto the plan, and the automated software does the rest. Layout, parts list, and cost instantly. Live Tech support is available to help you get started, as well as free factory or supplier-supported custom layouts and bids. Click here to get started in becoming familiar with the program, in the meantime to provide you with a professional quote, click on the “request a quote” on the web page.