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Every re-seller is interested in optimizing profits, without any major addition of resources.

It is often pointed out that the primary way to maximize profits is to work with existing customers and offer benefits that will enhance their experience. The other incentives are “convenience with comfort and ease of presentation”. In online sales, effective strategies are called “In Bound Marketing” selling to those that are looking to buy your product”, they are already in the market, and they are looking for a resource to obtain it. In-store, or on-site sales, are no different, looking for ways that will improve on a decision that they have already made, by enhancing those decisions.

There is a point of information overload, and simplification is needed for clarity, and knowing where to start is often difficult in the decision-making process. Define the need, and understand what they are looking for.

  1. Engagement: Give the customer a reason to do business with you, and engage them to come in, or call you. This could be in the form of choosing the right merchandising strategy, things that will promote and build a relationship with the customer and trust you as a source for what they are looking to attain.
  2. Seek to Understand: Ask questions, evaluate what specifically they are looking for, and don’t be shy about drilling down to their underlying motivation in finding what they are looking for.
  3. Restate what you just learned: “If I understand you correctly, what you want is “summarize what you just heard”, and have them affirm your understanding. In doing so you a defining the solution you are going to present.
  4. Offer, and allow the customer to select the best option for them.
  5. Confirm the selection, and remove contingencies, (time, money, need)
  6. Convenience: You will take care of it, and offer alternatives in payment, cash, check, credit card, and terms.
  7. “Just Looking, or looking to Compare”, be prepared to offer alternatives, and help them weigh the product benefits and help them compare options, with solutions-based understanding