Designers & Architects

Carbonic Heat is a total heating solution for both residential and commercial projects. Several notable reasons Architects and HVAC Engineers are confident in specifying Carbonic Heat:

  1. No need for adding mechanical space in the building
  2. 1/16th of an inch thick, no floor build-up, lightweight
  3. Produces 51 BTU on 15 watts, 100% Heat Conversion
  4. Easy Installation, tailorable, on-site modifications, adapt around structural elements, cabinets, and doorways.
  5. Designed to run at 85 degrees, can be set to run at a lower temperature if needed
  6. Both 120/240 – and 50/60 MHZ
  7. Product Electrical Circuit Zones, controlled by in-line thermostats that are dual sensor (floor and ambient), require dedicated 15 amp service, 120 volt – 100 square feet, 240 – 200 square feet
  8. In many area heat solutions, the ancillary or primary heat
  9. Even heat across the entire surface, no heat/cold expansion issues
  10. No-Hot Spots, “Self-Regulating” uses PTC-Nano Technology, as the surface comes to temperature, the resistance in the carbon material increases, lowering the power draw, two direct benefits, lowering power draw from 15 watts to 10 watts per square foot.
  11. Silent, solid state
  12. Zero Maintenance
  13. Non-allergenic
  14. Waterproof
  15. Installs in a fraction of the time of alternative systems, and a fraction of the cost
  16. Works well with commons adhesives
  17. Low EMF: 1,000 times less than OSHA standards
  18. Tough, no wires or pipes to break, stand up to construction foot traffic, if the floor covering is delayed
  19. Better comfort at lower temperatures, warmer on the floor than the ceiling
  20. Heats both resistive heat, warm to touch, and FAR-Infrared, which warms the objects in the room.
  21. Easily zoned (150 square feet per zone 240 – 75 square feet 120 volt)
  22. Inline controllers, set the temperature of the surface, and/or ambient settings
  23. Many options in controllers, programmable, non-programmable, WiFi connect/Smart Device
  24. Lifetime Warranty to the original owner
  25. ETL Certified to UL-1693 Standards
  26. Proven track record, in service since 1992
  27. Superior design and technical support, for installation lay-outs
  28. Interior and Exterior applications for anti-icing
  29. Preferred Ice/Roof melt applications
  30. US Green Building/LEEDS Certified
  31. Install over all subfloor applications, concrete, wood, composites
  32. Compliant under all flooring types, Wood – nail down and engineered, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Ceramic, and Stone (see installation manual for details)

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