carbonicheat_installationguide_spring_2015Listings: ETL/UL Listed for U.S. under UL 1693 ETL 4007353, CE 120509, TUV K5140/E112

Controls: Heating Film must be controlled by a CarbonicHeat approved line voltage floor heat-sensing thermostat.

Voltage: 120 VAC Max 100 sq. ft. (9.29 sq.m) 50/60hz, 240 VAC Max 200 sq. ft. (18.58 sq.m) 50/60 Hz

Up to 2000 square feet may be installed using slave thermostatic units.
Watts: 15 W/sq. ft. (51 Btu/sq. ft.), 166.1 W/sq.m

Maximum circuit load: 15 Amp

Maximum circuit overload protection: 20 Amp breaker GFCI: (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) required for each circuit (included in the thermostat control).

Maximum bend radius: Not to exceed 90 degrees. Do not crease Heating Film.

Maximum exposure temperature: (Continuous and storage) 150ºF (65.5ºC)

Minimum installation temperature: 50ºF (10ºC)

PTC Positive Temperature Control. Nano carbon technology limits top temperature for safety. Reduces current draw.
15 Watt per Square Foot current draw
51 BTU per Square Foot heat production
100% electrical power to heat conversion. Efficient.
120 volt or 240 volt operation
15 Amp circuit
1/16” thick-completely smooth surface
Width: either 20” or 40”
Length: Up to 150 feet
PET Polyethylene layers
PP Polypropylene layers
Non woven polyester outer layer adheres aggressively to thinset or other adhesives.
Shipping container: 42” x 9” x 9”