Product Description

Harness for 120 Volt.

Harnesses are used for connecting sheet(s) of Heating Film with a 12 foot long “cold lead” that is run to a thermostat, or to connect to another sheet of Heating Film. Harnesses are available in 120 volt and 240 volt configurations. For a single panel 120 volt application a “J-120” (J indicates one sheet, and 120 is the voltage) would be required. For a dual sheet configuration using 240 volts a “J2-240” (J2 indicates two sheets, and 240 is the voltage) would be required. Connections for a three sheet system would require a J3. A J4 Harness will connect four sheets of Heating Film together. If there are three and a half sheets needed, a J4 can be used by trimming off the unused portion of the Harness.