Film 120v, 15 Sq Ft Kit

//Film 120v, 15 Sq Ft Kit

Film 120v, 15 Sq Ft Kit


CarbonicHeat Film 120v, 15 Sq Ft Kit (1-J-120 Harness and Tape)

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Product Description

Best in Class heating option. All-in, all things considered the best electrical heating source available. Beyond best-in class electric radiant heat. Notably the best of all Radiant Heat Options.

Dual Voltage Applications – The same film can be used for 120 or 240 volt installation.

Superior Quality Materials and Construction – Made from tough polyethylene (PET), polypropylene (PP) and proprietary resistive Nanotechnology carbon heating compound, with manufacturing quality controls adhering to ISO 9001 standards since 1992.

Safe and Comfortable Far-Infrared Heating – Produces safe, healthy and comfortable Far-infrared rays which heat objects in the room, not the air. The very low EMF levels, over 1,000 times lower than the OSHA (Occupation Safety) standard limit for concern, make the film completely suitable for use in domestic and commercial applications.

Less Power Consumption and More Cost Savings – Uses the latest advancements in Nano-technology to increase the resistance in the carbon element, thereby decreasing the power demand.

Versatile Heating Option – Can be installed under carpet, tile, stone, marble, slate, laminate and wood flooring. Works anywhere in the house; living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, mudroom, basement, garage, roofs, driveways, walkways, etc. The film is fit for use in wet applications.

Least Complicated Heating System – Works efficiently without any operational or maintenance issues. The film is tough, built to last, and doesn’t break easily.

Tough and durable material: Will not abrade or break even prior to completion of installation. Stands up to construction foot traffic during installation.

Easy Installation – Quick and easy installation, can be done even by a novice homeowner. No floor build up, ductwork or mechanical room required.

Even Heating, No Hotspots – The film heats evenly across the entire surface unlike wire and hydronic systems that are hot where the heating elements are and cool in between.

Hands-on Customer Service – Prompt professional help is made available via online live chat, telephone, and live video/smart phone interaction. Or directly call our toll-free line at (855) 558-5200


PTC Positive Temperature Control. Nano carbon technology limits top temperature for safety. Reduces current draw.
15 Watt per Square Foot current draw
51 BTU per Square Foot heat production
100% electrical power to heat conversion. Efficient.
120 volt or 240 volt operation
15 Amp circuit
1/16” thick-completely smooth surface
Width: either 20” or 40”
Length: Up to 150 feet
PET Polyethylene layers
PP Polypropylene layers
Non woven polyester outer layer adheres aggressively to thinset or other adhesives.
Shipping container: 42” x 9” x 9”

All kits come prewired, tested, and insulated with proprietary Carbonic Heat tape and wiring harnesses. Tape surface has the same non woven polyester surface which aggressively bonds to thinset and adhesives.


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