International Distributorship

Mexico Partner

Revitaliza Consultores is the international distributor for carbonic heat!

Restoration is essential to heal the earth, but only reciprocity can make the restoration deep and lasting: that means Revitalize.

For us, Revitalizing the planet is not only about implementing the most sustainable strategies. It is accepting the reciprocal relationship we have with our home, with our land. It is exercising an act of responsibility and care where we give her life back so that she can give it back to us. It is understanding that it is the earth itself that will restore its structure and function, and that our only duty is to preserve this relationship of respect, responsibility, reciprocity and love.

We declare ourselves protectors of our environment and carry out the Revitalization of the planet as our shared commitment. We seek to change the paradigm of the construction industry with actions in favor of the environment and promote a change that advocates the ecosystem restoration of our planet.

Revitaliza Consultores is actively contributing to fostering a positive transformation in the constructed environment, aiming to establish sustainable, healthy, and inviting spaces for individuals to reside and operate in.


Through its role as an international distributor for carbonic heat, Revitaliza Consultores exemplifies its dedication to advancing sustainable building technologies and materials that enhance the functionality and comfort of structures. Carbonic heat, an energy-efficient product, substantially reduces energy consumption and operational expenses while simultaneously providing occupants with a pleasant and healthful indoor environment.

As a distributor, Revitaliza Consultores assumes a pivotal position in advocating for and educating the market regarding the advantages of carbonic heat. They also ensure that the technology is installed and maintained to the highest standards. By collaborating with manufacturers and installers of carbonic heat systems, Revitaliza Consultores actively drives the adoption of this innovative technology, thereby contributing to the overall transformation of the built environment, enhancing both energy efficiency and the well-being of building occupants.

We revitalize the planet one project at a time