What is most amazing about Carbonic Heat is that it totally inconspicuous, you never have to think about am I hot, am I cold, it is comfort, I always feel good, and never have concerns about it, its always right.
Kevin Cook, Madison, Wisconsin
It is the easiest and most effective heating product I have ever worked with. Easy to install, and works great. Lower heating cost.
Eric Chesnik, President EC Electric, Sun Valley, ID
I give it 5+ stars, was totally unaware this product existed, its silent comfort, that is worry free, and easy on my budget.
Susan Triggs, Homeowner, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The only product that I have found that you can install it, and the flooring the same day. Easy to install, and works well with conventional building practices. Best part is my clients love it.
Marvin Scott, Contractor Seattle, Washington
I remodeled my home and was looking at having to replace my boiler and pumps of my radiant hydronic system. After evaluating the cost, the time and the annual cost, it was clear that Carbonic Heat is a much better choice, and moreover, have extra space for storage, where the mechanical units were. This system is quiet, and less expensive to run… I am a happy homeowner.
Trig Gregory, Theater manager, New York City, NY
As a home builder, I am always weighing cost versus benefit. Today’s home buyers are more savvy about operational cost, and found that although not the cheapest heat in terms of first dollar cost, saves money in operational cost. Given a choice, my buyers are upgrading to Carbonic Heat. Their claims are not hype, they are the real deal, they are the best overall choice, all things considered.
Paul Labellarte, Home Builder, Seattle, WA
I wish I was aware of this product when I built my house, it works well, and it is quiet. Just remodeled my kitchen, new granite counters and tile floors, added the heat option, and it is awesome.
Randall Young, Stoughton, Wisconsin