In the United States, new products released over the last few years include Carbon PTC Core wire, both shielded and standard.  Shielded product is used in areas that are not controlled by a Ground Fault device, and grounding is required.  The Carbon Element wire, is very effective due to the PTC composition that lowers the power draw as the temperature increases.
The central part of our carbon film is insulated with Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which is a great electrical insulator, and coupled with the self-regulating properties of the Positive Temperature Control (PTC), which eliminates overheating by the resistance of the material increases, lower the power draw.  This anomaly holds temperature at about a third less  power draw.
Different application by definition requires different types of Carbonic Heat products.  The increased awareness and concern of Electro Magnetic Fields, created by all electrical devices, and lead us to explore options in lowering the levels even lower that the materials emissions that were over 2,000 times lower than the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) requirements.  Our engineering staff discovered adding Titanium Dioxide to the topping sheets of the protective Poly Propylene in our advanced construction materials notably further reduced the EMF by several fold. This was not required, but done to address any consumer concerns.

The South American, Asian and European markets run on 220 volt 50 Hz.  Our product is adaptable to both American standard 120/240 volt 60 Hz, the differences are in our controllers (Thermostats) that are required to meet these differences.

ReflectHeat Technology:  Our Design Technology to enhance performance of Radiant Heat: Our design for underlayment products exhibit better insulation and reflective qualities to any radiant system, provides easy installation and fire and sound separation characteristics compared to traditional fiberglass mesh cement board backing, while greatly enhancing the radiant heat elements performance.