snowyroofOur technology is an energy efficient heating systems solution, providing warranties that can match the life of your roof. CarbonicHeat provides an elegant, unobtrusive, simple to install system that adds to the beauty and value of your home.



Tired of ugly cables, hot edges and safety issues ?
Tired of ineffective heating products?

Which snow load zone do you live in?


How the System Works

The CarbonicHeat advantage provides an evenly distributed heat for roof deicing, ice dam prevention, and to help prevent snow and ice problems on roofs. It will lower the potential liabilities that can occur around eaves, drains, and valleys.  The system is typically installed against the roof decking, beneath the membrane and roofing shingles. The system works with all types of roof materials and can be installed on a wide variety of roofing applications.


System Specifications

  • Automated or non-programmable controls available
  • Dual voltage – easy to install quick connect system
  • 20” to 40” Stock widths with lengths available up to 150 linear feet
  • Longest available warranty on the market
  • Rated for all zones and roof types
  • Easiest installation on the market.
  • Extremely energy efficient when compared with traditional cable based systems.