CarbonicHeat Corporation is a world leader in manufacturing carbon based radiant heat element film and ancillary support products. Our current primary geographic markets include the United States (“US”), South America, Europe and Canada. With our manufacturing partner NDT Engineering and Aerospace, Ltd., which covers all of Asia.

Our carbon heat technology products are used in a number of markets, including new residential construction, manufactured housing, repair and remodeling and a variety of commercial and industrial applications.  Our products are also used in RV, automobile, marine and aircraft applications for anti-icing, heated trailer-van and habitable compartments.

We manufacture numerous types of resistive carbon heating element products with a variety of patterned profiles and surface finishes for a range of applications, under all standard types of flooring products.

Notably we are touted as the best overall electric heat solution all things considered: cost of materials, installation, maintenance, and operational heat conversion.

CarbonicHeat Corporation Management Team

Our management is overseen by our management team, whose members cover the key areas of Resistive Carbon heat technology research and development, production, manufacturing, sales, human resources, investor relations, finance and legal.

Members of our management team are:

Conrad Casser, Chief Executive Officer

Forrest LeBaron, Co-Owner

Brian Bolton, President

Hyunwoo Han, president NDT Engineering & Aerospace, Manufacturing Partner

Randy Marx, president Asia Pacific, contract manufacturing relationship manager